What is the DI tool?

  • It's an automated tool that works out a DI% based on Home Supremacy and Total Goals.

In which markets does it identify misaligned prices?

  • Match Odds and Over/Under 2.5 goals.

How does it work?

  • It scans the Betfair daily in-play coupon and calculates the DI for each game.

Which games can I trade?

  • All games that meet the criteria for DI% and matched amount in Match Odds.

How would you recommend getting the best out of the tool?

  • We feel using software like the Geeks (free) or Bet Angel which both have ladder interfaces offer the best ways to increase profits when scalping.

Is there a help manual?

  • Yes, members will have access to a detailed description in the members’ area. We will also provide email support.

Will it work on Linux, Mac or just Windows?

  • Yes it will. The tool is browser based so there is nothing to download and will work on any platform .

How much does it cost?

   We have 3 different packages:

  • One month -  £24
  • Three months - £62
  • Six months - £104

Will there be any tips?

  • Members will receive instant email notifications when a game has met the criteria, plus there are some tutorial videos. There is also email support for members via our Contact page.